Who decided we should walk 10,000 steps a day?

The recommendation to walk 10,000 steps a day can be traced back to a marketing [...]

Take a moment……..

This week I came across some amazing and very simple mental health tips which I’d [...]

Sunscreen and Success: How Mary Schmich’s words can change your life

If you’ve heard our latest playlist in class, you will have noticed that we take [...]

The Fit Traveller’s Guide; making the most of exercise on holiday

Holidays are time for us to a time to unwind, relax and maybe try a [...]

Beyond Skincare; embracing facial massage for complete well being

In the realm of self-care rituals, there’s a hidden gem that often gets overlooked.  Want [...]

Fractured but unbroken

21st November 2023 approx. 8.45am It’s now 15 weeks since I decided to throw myself [...]

Unlocking more hours in your day

Let’s talk about something we all wish we had more of: time.  Who wouldn’t want [...]

The FITT Factor: cracking the fitness code

When it comes to creating a workout routine that gives you results, being consistent in [...]

Chair-lates: Elevate your wellness journey with seated Pilates

You’ve all heard me say ‘There’s always an option’ and if you haven’t – where [...]

The Attitude of Gratitude

Have you ever taken the time to step back and look around at your own [...]

Navigating the Year Ahead with Purpose and Positivity

The new trend for 2024 is to ditch the traditional New Year Resolution (which may [...]

Beyond the Mat; Discovering the Magic of Pilates for a Healthier You

Have you been looking for that one workout that has everything?  The one workout that [...]

A love letter to the classic lever

As you may be aware I decided to spice things up a little and break [...]

The Power of Recovery After an Injury

Let’s talk about something we’ve all faced at some point. Those unexpected plot twists in [...]

Understanding and Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Ever found yourself wincing in pain after taking that first step in the morning?  You [...]

A Merry Manual for a Chill Christmas

As we gear up for the most wonderful time of the year, let’s have a [...]

What would you do?

Life has a way of throwing unexpected challenges our way, doesn’t it?  Just when I [...]

The Awesome Perks of Stretching and Mobility

It’s time to unleash Your Inner Stretch Ninja: The Awesome Perks of Stretching and Mobility [...]

Exhale and relax

‘’The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace arepriceless to their [...]

Why we can’t multi-task

Today I want to talk about something I see EVERY DAY. It halts progress and [...]

What is a DIET?

Over 2000 years ago, Hyprocrites wrote ‘Each one of the substances of a man’s diet [...]

Couples Pilates

How would you like to work up a sweat with your partner? (Get your mind [...]

Toxic Overload

We are constantly exposed to a wide array of toxins, chemicals and pollutants. Some are [...]

Boost Your Metabolism

Be active – up to 2 hours after a good workout you will continue to [...]

How to reduce sugar – the easy way

You When you eat sugar, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine – which makes [...]

Oh no, not the foam roller!

Myofasical Release I talk about this in class quite a lot – you will probably [...]

How to enjoy your food and stay healthy

The key thing to understand is that you should never be ‘going on a diet’. [...]

Imperfections……yes, I’m glad I have them

An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of the [...]

Losing weight isn’t just about food

At some point in our lives we’ve all thought we could do with losing a [...]

Sleep more to lose weight

Sleep is crucial to controlling cortisol levels Insulin and cortisol are like the ugly sisters [...]

Zoom Room Weekly

Do you love to try before you buy? I know I do. It’s why I’m [...]

10 Reasons to do Pilates

Better Posture Your spine supports the weight of your body and allows your body to [...]

Grade A advice for exam stress

It’s exam time during May with SATS, GCE and GCSE’s all looming and this can [...]

Use it or lose it!

Pilates challenges us to examine how well our bodies are really functioning. Even the most [...]

Stay forever young

Pilates has so many benefits I could go on for ever! It gives you strength [...]

I’ve done something stupid

I’ve done something stupid, or is it brilliant? The truth is – it’s probably somewhere [...]

Hay fever can increase your risk of an asthma attack

I hope you had a lovely long Easter weekend (and the nice four day week [...]

What’s in your cup?

In ancient times, green tea was used to treat a wide variety of ailments from [...]

Love your bum!

Appreciate how hard you are working to become fitter and healthier everyday in mind and [...]

Out with the old, in with the new

There is a huge amount of confusion when it comes to weight loss and healthy [...]

Mindfulness & Meditation

When asked the question ‘What do mindfulness and meditation mean to me?’ my initial response [...]

Three Move Workshop

Are you struggling with neck or back pain after more than a year of lockdown [...]

Antioxidants are your saviour!

Every metabolic process that your body goes through releases free radicals.Now these little pests are [...]

Not all calories are equal

A calorie is a calorie.  It’s a unit of energy. So a Mars Bar may [...]

Don’t burn out this summer

Summer time has arrived  and with the rising temperatures comes warnings about how to stay [...]

Keeping hormones in balance for effective weight loss

So there are three key things that need to be added to your diet to [...]

Fat facts

A study done recently shows the impact that fat has on insulin levels. In one [...]

Why you should include fat in your diet

We are so obsessed with low fat everything in this country that we are creating [...]

Bite size chunks are the key to success

Each morning when you wake up set yourself a little goal for the day. So [...]


The most simple things can bring the most happiness Let family and friends know how [...]

Are you at risk from back pain?

There are risk factors that can increase the chances of developing back pain Being overweight [...]

Take advantage of your genetics

Genetics will play a large part in how the body responds and performs in exercise.  [...]

Seven sleeps to go!

I’m confused as to which season we are in?  Easter Sunday was a glorious day, [...]

10 short pieces of advice

Live today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may not come If you want to [...]

12 months online

Yesterday was a birthday.  The first birthday of our Zoom Room.  A complete 12 months [...]

What an amazing response

A few weeks ago I announced the planned return to our cosy little studio – [...]

I didn’t write this – but it speak’s to my heart

Barely the day started and… it’s already six in the evening.Barely arrived on Monday and [...]

Filters should be fun, not a warped perception of reality

How many times do you see a photo in a magazine or online of a [...]

Planning our return to the studio

I’m really pleased to announce that I’m now able to plan our return to the [...]

Good Karma

A few words from the Dalai Lama all about good karma Take into account that [...]


An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a [...]

Serious lockdown advice

Everyone PLEASE be careful because people are going crazy from being locked down at home! [...]

Snow day!

I had two very excited children on Sunday morning when we looked out of the [...]

Why mindfulness is so important

Why mindfulness is so important Mindfulness is a form of meditation where you are quiet [...]

Behind the scenes

So much to update you on this week!  I’ve been working behind the scenes with [...]

Lockdown returns

We are back in Lockdown for another six weeks, at least, and while that is [...]

Introducing Elements

Exciting news! Coming in the New Year a brand new Phygital Program. What’s that I [...]

Back in the studio

So good to be back in the studio It was great to be back in [...]

Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity every time Pilates challenges us to examine how well our bodies are [...]

Overcoming back pain

There are risk factors that can increase the chances of developing back pain: Being overweight [...]

Promises to yourself

Can you believe we’re HERE again. We held our last studio class on Wednesday last [...]

Find the opportunity

Saturday’s announcement didn’t bring the news we were all hoping for, but we can’t change it, [...]

November news

And just like that we’ve reached the end of half term and the end of [...]

Snooze you lose

I’ve been amazed at the response for both Studio Unlimited and 121 Pilates coaching over [...]

Our Zoom community

One of the best things to come out of lock-down over the last six months [...]

Your mental health

This year has been a very difficult season for many of us.  As we head [...]

Life is very simple

Life is very simple What we give out, we get back What we think about [...]

Just take a moment

Have you ever just taken a moment?  I mean really sat back, taken a breath [...]

Give yourself time

What a beautiful sunny week we’ve had!  I thought I’d seen the last of wearing [...]

Class Update

I hope you have settled well into your September routine for whatever that has meant [...]

An almost normal week

This week has felt very much more normal than any week has felt in the [...]

Face to face again!

We’re back!!  The start of bringing classes back to the studio began this week.  Apart [...]

Thank you

Less than a week to go and classes (albeit limited) will be available in the [...]

September Zoom

September is an exciting time of the year, a fresh start, a clean slate, time [...]

Preparing to return

We’ve made it!! From Wednesday 2nd September I’m able to provide the option for you [...]

The fairy ring

This week I invited 121 Pilates back to the studio.  It was very different from what we [...]

Summer Sizzler 2020

I’ve been so busy planning Summer Sizzler 2020 and working around how different it’s going [...]

Studio class update

Last week sent a message to our WhatsApp groups asking who would like to join me [...]

Feeling grateful

Another sunny week has flown by and August is almost here.   If I’m totally honest, I [...]

121 Pilates is returning

I’ve some really great news for you today.  From August I will be able to [...]

FUSION has launched

Sunday evening saw the launch of my new program FUSION.  It’s an online membership that [...]

Pilates Breathing

The most common reaction I have when I’m teaching new clients the Pilates breathing technique [...]

New classes

New Classes!! I’ve been really busy during lockdown creating a Membership site so that I [...]

Back on the bike

Tonight we have our third Pilates Quiz Night at 8pm and I’ll be sending out [...]

Here’s a thought

I’m really enjoying our quiz nights, they’re loads of fun and we always have a [...]

I’ve mastered mascara!

It’s already been over a week since I fell off my bike resulting in a [...]

Typing left handed

Oooops! Today’s newsletter comes to you today via left hand typing, so please excuse any [...]

June Pilates Classes

Are you ready for a summer of love? You’re telling me that you love the [...]

Setting goals

Set Your Goals Goals are ultimately ‘dreams without a deadline.’ Get clear on exactly what [...]

My Radio Debut

Today I made my radio debut on BBC Radio Wiltshire. Maria Indge invited me to [...]