121 Pilates

New Season

Building our immunity is more important than ever. Staying fit and healthy is the best thing you can do to look after yourself and your family post-lockdown and with winter upon us.

Pilates is a wonderful way of exercising both mind and body with the focus on mobility, strength, flexibility and positivity. We take these for granted, but the past two years has had an impact on them and reduced their effectiveness.

We can get very negative in our minds, start putting on weight, start getting niggles and pains and generally feeling unwell because we’ve been restricted and moved less. Finding the motivation and confidence to get back on track can be difficult.

To help you I have opened up more spaces for my 121 training.

121 training is bespoke, working on the areas that you would like to concentrate on. I also include exercises and mental workouts I think you need. For example, some people may need to talk more than others.

Alison is one of my clients who enjoys the benefits of individually focused Pilates.

She says: “My weekly sessions have really helped me manage some of my physical problems. Sam is always her positive self, and, as ever, I have been grateful to her for her thorough understanding of how the human body works – and mine in particular!”

121 coaching is for all levels and sessions are held at a time to suit us both.

Maybe you want to get rid of aches and pains. Perhaps you’re overcoming an injury. Or maybe you want to enhance your fitness regime and upgrade to some face to face sessions.

If you would like to work with me please take the first step and fill out the contact form below.