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Our Zoom community really came into its own during lockdown and we love it so much it’s here to stay.

We workout together, have a little chat and we’ve even had some social nights with quizzes. Dozens of you have joined me on the mat in your living rooms, bedrooms, spare rooms, even holiday cottages! We’ve all been increasing our fitness and you’re telling me that you’re getting better results than ever because you’re showing up more often, as you have more time without travel involved. It’s the way forward.

Pilates has a number of physical benefits to help with movement and balance, but there is also the tremendous help we get with our mental attitude. Some of you have told me it’s helped to keep you sane over the past two years, and given you time out from the stresses and strains we’ve all faced.

Having a routine is one of the best things you can do for your own mental health. Sessions are available morning, noon, and night.

2024 Timetable

  • Tuesday 12.30pm
  • Wednesday 6pm
  • Thursday 7pm
  • Friday 9.30am

£30 per month for unlimited classes.

I can’t wait to see you on your mat in our Zoom Room.

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    My ONLINE programme FUSION is designed for YOU to make your life easier.

    If you can’t make a live class – no problem – just join in from your living room and do a pre-recorded workout.

    If you’re going on holiday but still want to exerciseno problem – switch on, log in and workout – it couldn’t be easier.

    Busy at work – no problem – sign in from the office once everyone else has gone home and wait for the traffic to die down, or we have 20 and 40 minuteworkouts you can do in your lunch hour.

    Your timetable has been thrown out with a child off sick – no problem – once they’re settled grab some “me time” and maybe even a meditation while they sleep.

    Remember there’s always an option when youre a FUSION member.

    You can choose to workout online all the time or mix and match with your face to face membership classes, it’s entirely up to you.

    Fusion has developed over the past two years to help you get the most from your health regime.

    We help you stick to a routine and create healthy habits – we are seeing so many great results from our members.

    We know it’s difficult to find time for yourself especially with family and work commitments pulling you in every direction.

    We often put ourselves at the bottom of our list, but this is a misnomer because if you lose your physical or mental health you cant be there for those who need you. You’ll be letting them down.

    You owe it to them to make yourself a priority.

    With FUSION we help you to do that.

    The biggest obstacle to women working out is TIME.

    We never have enough of it.

    But thanks to advances in technology, we can take back our time no matter what the world throws at us that day. And we know we’re going to get stuff thrown in our direction. Messy stuff, that we have to clean up.

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