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Hi I’m Sam. I’ve been working in the fitness and wellness arena, mainly as a Pilates Instructor, for nearly 30 years now. During that time, I’ve referred a lot of people to sports massage therapists as I know how beneficial they can be.

But in 2022, I had an epiphany!

Why am I sending my clients to other people when I could help them myself?

I trained as a Massage Therapist including Sports Massage and Rehabilitation. Now I can offer my clients everything, all under one roof.

I specialise in putting the balance back into your body, helping patients with rehabilitation from injuries or postural imbalances.

For sports enthusiasts, I can also help with pre-event preparation and post- event recovery.

My ethos is that there are no obstacles in life, there is always an option to get you where you want to be.


The first thing that happens is you book a call with me using the website contact form and we have a phone conversation where we outline what your requirements are for our initial in-person appointment.

During our first meeting you will have a physical assessment – fill out a questionnaire about your general health and well-being – agree a treatment plan – treatment will begin that day. This usually takes up to 90 minutes.

Treatment can include massage, movement and self-care management at home, and advice for moving forwards.

Between us, we’ll establish a tailor-made plan for you depending on your own specific needs.

All consultations and treatments will take place at Carl Todd Clinics, Lancaster Place, Swindon, SN3 4QU. – click for directions.

It goes without saying our clinic is a safe space and you can expect confidentiality, integrity, and compassion.



Sports massage is not just for sports people. It includes massage warm-up techniques, deep tissue massage with movement, trigger point and friction work. It helps those involved in any physical activity whether that’s dog walking, gardening, gym work or running a marathon.  

The great thing about this type of focused massage is that it prevents and treats injury and improves performance.  A win-win in my mind.


This is all about putting the balance back into your body. We work on specific areas of the body that may be causing you pain or discomfort on a daily basis. There will be some trigger point treatment, firm massage and friction work where needed.

Basically, we apply pressure to soft tissue and joints with the goal of slowing down your nervous system. This type of massage can also help to relieve stress and enhance wellness.


It’s short and sweet and gets you geared up and warm for whatever you are about to do whether that’s a 5K, a marathon or a triathlon. It’s light and lifting and will increase blood circulation, flexibility, and it will enhance your performance and get you in the right frame of mind. You have these types of massage from an hour to 24-hours before your event or even before a workout.


This treatment reduces your muscle stiffness and flushes toxins that have built up in your body during your event. It’s important because it enhances your recovery and also reduces fatigue. This type of massage can be conducted from 30 minutes to 72 hours post event. During this treatment there is no deep tissue work just lots of muscle care and repair.


Initial appointment: 90 minutes £75

Further treatment: 1hr £60; 1/2 hr £40


If you are interested in any of the above, let’s have a chat. All you need to do is fill out the contact form below with your details and I’ll be in touch.

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    Louise SlaterLouise Slater
    10:15 08 Mar 24
    I've known Sam for over 20 years and have seen her evolve into one of Swindon's top Pilates instructors. She has developed a system whereby you can 'cash in' on her expertise in multiple ways using face to face classes and a wealth of on-line options.The range of workouts is extensive meeting everyone's needs be it for a general Pilates routine or specific workouts to target individual issues. You will never be bored as there are so many workouts to draw on. AND for me the great advantage is some are only 20 minutes long which can be fitted into anyone's day if you haven't got the time to indulge in an hour's session.If you like Pilates or are wanting to try it, Sam should be high on your list!
    Julia IlesJulia Iles
    13:09 02 Mar 24
    I've taken Sam's pilates classes for 11 years which I think is testiment to how good an instructor she is. She varies routines & comes up with new ways to challenge you so you gain the maximum benefit from the workout. Her weekly news letters & podcasts are not only fun but inspire you to approach day to day life with a different perspective.
    Angela SalterAngela Salter
    07:45 01 Mar 24
    Sam is so helpful and accessible.Exercises and stretches I have done before now make so much more sense and I feel much more flexible. The friendly relaxed atmosphere really helps the class along.
    Brian GibbsBrian Gibbs
    14:41 28 Feb 24
    Sam H Pilates.....sign up today! Sam is there when I need her. Is encouraging and the outcome of pilates sessions benefits me mentally and physically. I can again feel my tummy muscles after three bouts of abdominal surgery
    Linda McleodLinda Mcleod
    20:22 27 Feb 24
    I first met Sam when attending the gym and have been part of her online classes from the beginning. Her classes are fun and enjoyable and though I love the freedom of exercising from home, I always feel I am part of a class and part of the group. Sam has a a great sense of humour and her warmth comes across into the class, making each session enjoyable and something I look toward to attending each week.
    Angie SmithAngie Smith
    17:55 08 Aug 23
    Sam has been amazing at helping me with issues through her massage therapy and I would highly recommend her to everyone
    Sharon JohnsonSharon Johnson
    20:49 18 Jul 23
    Sam is friendly and welcoming, putting you at ease. Listening to your reasons for wanting a massage Sam is able to deliver a treatment tailor made for you.I always look forward to my treatment and come away feeling less tense and in just a few sessions alongside exercises and tips from Sam, I have seen real improvement in my mobility. Highly recommend.
    15:44 17 Jul 23
    Wow - thanks Sam that was amazing. Really helped my back, neck and shoulders. Thank you
    Ellen BrookesEllen Brookes
    16:12 15 Jul 23
    I couldn’t recommend Sam highly enough. Sam is very professional and a pleasure to work with. She spotted straight away some posture and hip alignment issues I had that I was previously unaware of. Having treated these has made a significant difference with lots other issues I now know were related.
    Christine HobbsChristine Hobbs
    15:51 15 Jul 23
    Mobility is so much better after a massage from Sam. She explains the treatment clearly and is always friendly and professional.
    Orlaith ReevesOrlaith Reeves
    09:38 15 Jul 23
    I’ve been attending Sam’s pilates classes for a few years, but just had my first massage from her, following a minor back injury. The massage was so helpful, all pain has reduced, mobility is much improved and I feel taller! Thank you Sam!
    Lisa Keating-WestLisa Keating-West
    19:58 09 Jul 23
    Sam assessed me first and then started with treatment. She explained everything to me as she went through massage. I felt so much better after and will continue going to Sam. I suffer with neck/shoulder pain & menopausal aching joints. I highly recommend to anyone that they visit Sam, she is friendly and professional and offers lots of advice.
    Irene ChapmanIrene Chapman
    18:06 03 Jul 23
    Sam has worked on my tight neck and upper back over four sessions, with excellent results. This includes improved posture and flexibility. I highly recommend Sam and hope to continue my treatment with her!
    Chris HornbuckleChris Hornbuckle
    15:40 21 Jun 23
    I went to Sam with a shoulder injury and after a few sessions I now have full mobility back. Welcoming, mindful and reassuring sums Sam up, her knowledge and understanding shines through in all she does. I could not recommend Sam highly enough. I look forward to continuing my journey with her.

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