Fractured but unbroken

21st November 2023 approx. 8.45am

It’s now 15 weeks since I decided to throw myself down the stairs and brake my wrist.

All joking aside, I still have a blank on exactly how I fell, nor can say I was doing anything adventurous like skydiving, high rope acrobatics or even sliding down the banister.  

I just simpply lost my footing and slipped.

This week marks 12 weeks since I had surgery and the progress I’ve made has been insane – Josh’s words, not mine.  Josh is one of our Osteopath’s at the Carl Todd Clinic and has been helping with my rehab.

I’m now weight baring, back to treating clients with Massage Therapy and deadlifting 50kg in the gym.

I’m amazed at my progress and so pleased to have come so far in a relatively short period of time.

I’ve had the most amazing support and help on my journey to recovery and have been consistent and determined with my rehabilitation and it is certainly paying off.

I’ve still a way to go before my wrist is back as it was before I broke it and there is a chance is won’t be back 100 percent as it was, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up trying.

I’ve shared my journey on the latest episode of my ‘Just a Thought’ Podcast, warts and all.

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Sam ‘feeling very grateful’ Hobbs