Hi, I’m Sam, an unfiltered mum of two who tells it like it is.

On this Podcast we’re going to be having open discussions about life in 2021. Bringing up children, world events and their impact, as well as conversations about health and wellness, both mental and physical.

Sometimes I’ll bring in guest experts, sometimes I’ll be going solo and sometimes we’ll have a round the table discussion.


Podcast 58 – Hobnobbing with Sam

All about Soft Tissue Therapy and serenity [...]

Podcast 57 – Hobnobbing with Sam

How not to vacate your fitness regime this summer [...]

Podcast 56 – Hobnobbing with Sam

Don't burn out this summer [...]

Podcast 55 – Hobnobbing with Sam

Holiday, empathy and Zoom Room Weekly [...]

Podcast 54 – Hobnobbing with Sam

Stroke awareness - what is a stroke, the symptoms, what to do and how to [...]

Podcast 53 – Hobnobbing with Sam

12 years and still going strong 💪🏽 [...]

Podcast 52 – Hobnobbing with Sam

Press ups, Pilates and Travel [...]

Podcast 51 – Hobnobbing with Sam

Challenge update and laughter [...]

Podcast 50 – Hobnobbing with Sam

100 press ups a day in May [...]

Podcast 49 – Hobnobbing with Sam

A rockery in the making and visualisation [...]

Podcast 48 – Hobnobbing with Sam

Living the simple life and staying positive [...]

Podcast 47 – Hobnobbing with Sam

The first of a new series – introducing what Hobnobbing with Sam is all about [...]

Podcast 46 – Always find the positive

How we found the positive when our website crashed and re-vamped FUSION [...]

Podcast 45 – Osteopathy

Lifting the lid on osteopathy [...]

Podcast 44 – Setting an intention

Meditation isn’t just for the end of class [...]

Podcast 43 – Ditch the diet and create a healthier lifestyle

Understanding the relationship with your body and food [...]

Podcast 42 – Want to change your habits?

How long term health and weight loss is about creating good habits and not ‘going [...]

Podcast 41 – Look after your feet

Why taking care of your feet is so important for posture, balance and feeling good [...]

Podcast 40 – It’s not just for girls

Introducing my Men on Mats and dispelling the myth that Pilates is just for women [...]

Podcast 39 – What is Mindfulness and Meditation

Understanding the difference between mindfulness and meditation [...]

Podcast 38 – Happy New Year

Welcome to 2022 [...]

Podcast 37 – Wrapping up 2021

A big thank you from me and here’s to a healthy, happy 2022 [...]

Podcast 36 – Christmas jumpers and hot chocolate

All about raising money for Save The Children and how chocolate is salad [...]

Podcast 35 – All things Christmas

How to have a healthy Christmas [...]

Podcast 33 – A gift for you

An amazing offer, staying hydrated, Brunel Brass Band and all things strictly [...]

Podcast 32 – Listen to your body

Take a moment to get everything back in balance [...]

Podcast 31 – Always an option

How looking at things a different way can be really beneficial [...]

Podcast 30 – Are you stressed?

Recognising the signs of stress and how to overcome them [...]

Podcast 29 – FUSION

What does Fusion mean to Sam H Pilates [...]

Podcast 28 – September round up

A summary of September Pilates and looking forward to October [...]

Podcast 27 – National Fitness Day

LCelebrate the fun of fitness and raise awareness of the importance of staying active [...]

Podcast 26 – Five ways to well being

Research has shown that the five ways to well being can help to look after [...]

Podcast 25 – Know your vulva

Raising awareness of vulval cancer and what you can do to help prevent it [...]

Podcast 24 – The mind-muscle connection

How thinking about the muscle you are working can double the intensity of your workout [...]

Podcast 23 – Time Away

The New Forest, school uniform and why ‘statycation’ is so irritating [...]

Podcast 22 – Check your body

The first of our Fab Friday round up and the importance of checking your body [...]

Podcast 21 – Spring has sprung

A springtime update from Sam [...]

Podcast 20 – Women in Midlife

Interview with Yvonne Radley about Women in Midlife [...]

Podcast 19 – Keeping it real for our children

Filters should be fun, not s warped perception of reality [...]

Podcast 18 – Pre Natal exercise

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy [...]

Podcast 17 – Good Karma

Words from the Dalai Lama [...]

Podcast 16 – Set yourself free

Open your mind and your heart and be free [...]

Podcast 13 – Focus

How to train your ‘focus muscle’ [...]

Podcast 12 – Awareness of Breath

A guided meditation on the breath [...]

Podcast 11 – Keep Calm & Stretch

Simple advice on stretching [...]

Podcast 09 – Is it me, or is it hot in here?

A few tips to help with the menopause [...]

Podcast 08 – Mindfulness and Meditation

What are they and how it can help you [...]

Podcast 07 – Relaxation

A meditation to find deep relaxation by being aware of each body part as it’s [...]

Podcast 06 – All about the pelvic floor

What is it, where is it and how do I work it? [...]

Podcast 05 – Inner Listening meditation

A short meditation to help focus and relax the mind [...]

Podcast 03 – What is Pilates?

A basic outline of Pilates and the benefits it brings [...]

Podcast 02 – Coping with what you can’t control

Tips on how to deal with anxiety [...]

Podcast 01 – My De-chox Challenge

Raising money for The British Heart Foundation by giving up chocolate [...]