Take a moment……..

This week I came across some amazing and very simple mental health tips which I’d like to share with you today.

If you feel like you hate everyone – eat

If you feel like everyone hates you – sleep

If you feel like you hate yourself – shower

If you feel that everyone hates everyone – go outside

If you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts – write them down

If you feel lost and alone – call a friend

If you feel stuck in the past – plan for the future

If you feel anxious about the future – focus on the present

If you feel like you’re not enough – list your achievements

If you feel like you can’t control anything – organise something small

If you feel unloved – do something kind for yourself

If you feel like no one understands – express yourself creatively

If you feel restless – take a long walk

If you feel like giving up – remember a time you succeeded

If you feel invisible – help someone in need

If you feel too much pressure – do a simple task you enjoy

Courtesy of the Ironwill Project – find them on Instagram.