The FITT Factor: cracking the fitness code

When it comes to creating a workout routine that gives you results, being consistent in actually doing your workout is the number one key to success.

But what happens when I’ve been consistent and I’m not continuing to see or feel results?  


The FITT Principles

Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type

This is a basic framework to adapt your workouts to challenge you further and is exactly what I do for you with our Pilates workouts.  

There is no need to completely re-write your program, just focus on one of the principles and challenge yourself within the same workout.


How often you exercise.

If you are currently training twice a week see if you can add in another session.


How hard you exercise.

For example, you may find that performing a plank on your knees is no longer a challenge for you so time to do it on your toes.


How long you exercise.

Instead of a 10 minute walk increase to a 15 minute walk.


What kind of exercise you do.

You may be a regular in the gym lifting weights, so why not try going for a swim or getting out on the bike?

Having an understanding of the FITT principles along with consistency will give you great results.

But most of all, listen to your body and enjoy your fitness journey.

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Sam ‘how can I challenge you next’ Hobbs