Don’t burn out this summer

Summer time has arrived  and with the rising temperatures comes warnings about how to stay safe in the sun especially during a workout

Many will be inspired to get out of gyms and leisure centres and go outdoors to take advantage of the sunshine when working out.

Our motivation to get out and do something in Summer is far greater than when it’s freezing and miserable outside. But there are potential pitfalls you can fall into, so here’s my advice on how to prepare yourself and get the best out of your summer workouts.

Drink lots of fluid –  hot weather and sunshine causes the body to sweat more and this will increase during even mild exercise like walking, so make sure you replace the fluids you are losing or you will run the risk of dehydration.

Try to drink water about an hour before working out and also re-hydrate after your workout.

Avoid eating protein before working out as it can increase your core temperature and could cause heat shock. You’re much better off reloading on protein after you’re done.

The midday sun is obviously when temperatures and UV exposure are at their highest points so try to avoid this time of the day (between 12-3pm) to work out in.

And finally, remember your sunscreen. Protecting yourself against sunburn, sun-stroke and harmful UV rays is really important and people often neglect the most basic protection which is sunscreen.

Even when it is cloudy overhead UV rays can still be damaging to your health so don’t underestimate the power of the sun.