An almost normal week

This week has felt very much more normal than any week has felt in the last six months.

Livvy and Jay have now been back at school for over a week and we quickly got back into the morning routine of the school run and being out the house by 8am – although  a huge shock to the system to begin with!  

Some classes have returned to the studio and as I mentioned last week I’ve started classes at the Link Centre.  Not my usual centre, but it’s the beginning of getting back as close to as we were in March before lockdown.

There is still the apprehensive feeling of concern, which I’m sure everyone feels on some level.  The remembering to take and wear a face mask and keeping your distance from others, but generally I think we have all embraced the ‘new normal’ (which I hope is a phrase that will be a distant memory in time) and are going about our daily duties as best we can.

Although studio classes have returned they have not been as attended as I’d anticipated.  September’s studio classes will continue as planned, but I will be amending the timetable for October.  I have included a copy of the timetable further down the newsletter to show which days and times classes will be available and whether they are Zoom or Studio.  Full details of the type of class i.e Pure Core, Strength, etc will be available from next Friday.  

Please click the link to see our September timetable and to book a studio class

The recent change in gatherings of no more than six people does not yet apply to sports/exercise so classes will continue until the Government advises differently.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the warm weather.