Give yourself time

What a beautiful sunny week we’ve had!  I thought I’d seen the last of wearing my flipflops, so I was really chuffed to get them back out again and top up my stripey foot look!

We’ve all been so dedicated in looking after our bodies over the last six months with regular classes and we enjoy our relaxation or guided meditation at the end of our workouts to balance our minds as well as our bodies.  This is so important that we take time to nourish the mind and even more so now.

I aim to keep classes (and blogs) as ‘covid talk’ free as possible as it’s a given we all need to be safe and follow guidelines, but there also needs to be the balance and not have it consume every minute of the day.  You need to have some ‘escape’ from it.  Have the feeling of ‘normality’.  And most of all, we shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting or needing an escape.

The situation we are in at the moment will affect each of us very differently and how we cope with it.  There needs to be the understanding of this and allow people time and space when it’s needed.  We also need to consider this for our children.  If as grown adults we feel confused (and have our moments), how confusing must it be for a child?  Trying to explain the new Rule of Six to Livvy was a complete mind field and the more you think about it the less sense it makes.  

My point to all this is give yourself space.  Give yourself time.  If feel you need to scream out loud – find a field and go do it.  If you need to cry, have a good cry.  Let your emotions happen without stopping them. 

We are all going through a form of grief and grief has stages – shock, denial, anger, upset, depression, reconstruction and acceptance.  We need to go through these stages to heal, to move on, to live our lives.

Also take away the lesson not to put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  Tomorrow is a gift, not a promise.  Do what makes you happy, follow your heart and listen to your gut and above all, stay safe.

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