Class Update

I hope you have settled well into your September routine for whatever that has meant for you, whether it be starting back to work, children back at school or if things have stayed relatively the same.  

I’ve put together the class timetable for October and you’ll notice a few changes compared to September’s timetable.

Zoom Classes

I’ve increased our weekly Zoom classes to four each week, bringing back the Wednesday 6pm class.  Zoom continues to be the most popular way of having our weekly dose of Pilates.

If you would like to continue meeting up in the Zoom room for our Pilates classes in October, please make your payment on or before the 1st October to the usual account.

Studio Classes

Studio classes have not seen the attendance expected following the interest that was shown initially. 

During October I’m going to trial a Tuesday morning 10am class and if this proves to be successful, it will stay on our studio timetable.

Wednesday 6pm has reverted back to a Zoom class as previously mentioned and for now Wednesday 7.15pm and both Thursday evening classes will continue.  

However, as much as I would like to continue all studio classes (and I’m sorry to put it this way) but it’s only viable for me to run classes in the studio with a minimum of five participants. 

During October I will assess classes weekly and if I need to cancel a class due to low bookings I will make the decision the day before the class is set to run.  In this instance, I will of course issue a refund via PayPal.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you in class for our October routines.

0 thoughts on “Class Update

  1. Brenda Willis says:

    Hi Sam, I would like to book two Tuesday morning classes for 6th and 27th October please.
    Where do l find the questionaire?

    • Sam Hobbs says:

      Hi Brenda, classes are booked week by week the Friday before. You’ll be able to book the 6th October from next Friday. I’ll be sending out an email with further details later today Sam