Navigating the Year Ahead with Purpose and Positivity

The new trend for 2024 is to ditch the traditional New Year Resolution (which may be a relief for some) and instead it’s all about setting intentions.

What’s that all about?

Let’s find out……

Resolutions V Intentions

Resolutions are rather like your instructor saying ‘Four more’ when you’ve already done what feels like 100  – mmm, who does that sound like??

They focus on exact goals which can leave you feeling deflated when you don’t reach them.

Intentions are more like our mobility and flexibility classes where I guide you through the poses and seeing where it takes you. 

They focus on the journey rather than the destination.


  • Laser-focused, measurable goals
  • Can be a bit all-or-nothing
  • Sometimes stressful, let’s be real


  • More like broad, friendly guidelines
  • All about the ongoing journey
  • Embrace the flow and adaptability

The Benefits of Setting Intentions

Rolling with the punches

Intentions let you be the boss of adaptability. Life throws curveballs, and intentions are like, “Cool, let’s work with this!” No need to abandon ship if things don’t go as planned.

Living in the now

Intentions bring that mindfulness vibe into play. Instead of obsessing over the endgame, they encourage you to enjoy the present moment, savoring every step of your personal growth journey.

Zero pressure, all pleasure

Resolutions can be stressful – it’s like they’ve got a deadline attached 

Intentions are like your supportive friend, reminding you that it’s all about progress, not perfection. No stress, just good vibes.

Self discovery journey

Intentions are your ticket to self discovery.

By focusing on your guiding principles, allowing you to explore different paths and learn more about yourself.

Make it fun

Think about what truly moves you. Create intentions that work with your with your core values, creating a solid and genuine foundation.

Get specific, stay chill

Intentions can be broad but throwing in some specific actions or behaviours keeps things interesting. 

It’s like making a cake – feel free to spice it up or switch ingredients as needed.

Celebrate progress, not perfection

Intentions are your buddies cheering you on for every little win. 

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about growing, learning, and celebrating the journey.

Sam ‘intending to learn how to count’ Hobbs