Beyond the Mat; Discovering the Magic of Pilates for a Healthier You

Have you been looking for that one workout that has everything? 

The one workout that not only has you working up a sweat but also makes you feel good and has a vibe like no other?

Then you might want to try Pilates

It’s not just an exercise routine; it’s a complete mind-body workout and experience

Rock your core

Forget crunches; Pilates is all about core strength. 

It’s finding your deep core muscles and building from the inside out.

Wave goodbye to slouching and say hello to an amazing posture where you walk taller, feel stronger and look great.

Mind & body harmony

Pilates has a fantastic way of connecting your mind and body so they work as one. 

It’s the mind-muscle connection that gives you focus and precision which ultimately creates better results.

Mobility & Flexibility

No more feeling stiff and unable to move without making noises which you are not sure where they come from!  

As well as building strength from within, Pilates incorporates lengthening exercises to increase mobility and flexibility so your body moves freely.

Be kind to your joints

Pilates is a low impact workout with challenge and intensity being focused on increasing repetitions, holding moves for longer or adding in equipment such as resistance bands, the foam roller or Pilates soft ball.   

Team togetherness

It’s not just a workout; it’s a community. You might just find your new workout buddies or even lifelong friends.

Always an option

Suitable for all but not one size fits all.  There will always be an option to be able to focus on the targeted muscle, just with a slightly different approach.

Feeling good – inside and out

It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good. Pilates brings many, many health benefits including improved circulation, improved breathing, increased flexibility and strength, reduced pain and peace of mind.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain

Pilates is so much more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle.   

It unites your body and mind in a community that will uplift you in such a way that you’ll be asking yourself ‘’why didn’t I do this sooner?’’

Sam ”living and breathing Pilates” Hobbs