Bite size chunks are the key to success

Each morning when you wake up set yourself a little goal for the day.

So this could be, ‘I am not going to drink any coffee today’; or at the weekend ‘I am resisting a glass of wine until 8pm’; or ‘I will have a dessert but only eat half of it’.

A small daily goal like that can be a much easier way to get through without straying too much.

Plus, you feel very pleased with yourself at the end of the day if you have achieved a goal you set yourself.

Also, if you want to be honest with everyone, tell them you are trying to control your weight, that you have to lost X pounds and that you are not about to spoil it now!

It is their problem if they cannot respect that, not yours!

If you do drink alcohol, go for the longer options like spritzer or something with tonic. Its not ideal but will last longer.

Then make sure you alternate with a sparkling water or similar, between each alcoholic drink.

Remember,  if you can keep to an 80/20 rule you will be fine – be sensible with your food 80% of the time.