Seven sleeps to go!

I’m confused as to which season we are in? 

Easter Sunday was a glorious day, but by Monday (and Wednesday) we had snow!? 

I knew I shouldn’t have worn my flip flops the week before…….
Just seven sleeps before I’m back in the studio to see clients face to face for 121 Pilates – I can’t wait!

I’m now fully booked for April and I’m taking bookings for May. 

You’ll also see me live from the studio for some of our Zoom classes.

I’ve also got my jab booked for Tuesday next week and I wasn’t expecting an appointment until May. 

All of a sudden things are picking up speed and all happening at once!
We have a challenge for our Zoom room throughout April – the roller at every workout!  It’s been good fun putting it altogether and has definitely added something ‘extra’ for us.  

For May our challenge is the Fairy ring which will also include Studio Unlimited classes  – I do enjoy my job!!

There are some spaces available in May for studio classes if you’d like to join me.  Drop me a message and I can let you know what’s available.  

Have a lovely weekend