Your mental health

This year has been a very difficult season for many of us.  As we head into the final weeks of 2020 I want us to concentrate on mental health as well as physical.  

With that in mind I am launching two brand new programs.

1: Winter Meditation

Part One – switching off to the world and all our worries using breathing techniques, gentle mobility and self-focus.

Part Two – guided meditation looking at organising your thoughts, balancing your emotions and re-setting for the future.

I invite you to get your comfies on and join me on the mat in the safety of your own home via Zoom at 7.30-8pm on Thursday’s starting 5th November.  The cost is £20 per month or £6 per session.  Message me if you would like to book your place.  

2.  Studio Unlimited

This is a new bespoke service for 24 people (only 8 in each class) who love working in a group situation but want to be socially distanced.  

We’re bringing a little bit of normal back with live in-person classes where you can see your friends and catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while.  

This is for those social butterflies who are looking for something fun to help with their physical and mental health as we enter the dark winter months.  

We encourage you to come as often as you like with three classes available each week for £40 per month, starting from Tuesday 3rd November.  

  • Tuesday 10am
  • Wednesday 7.15pm
  • Thursday 6pm

The full timetable for November’s Studio Unlimited will be will be available from next week. 

Let’s really go for it in these final 10 weeks leading up to Christmas and then into 2021.  Let’s hope it’s a better year.

PS Our current Zoom timetable (Monday 8pm/Tuesday 1230pm/Wednesday 6pm & Friday 930am) will stay as a regular feature until April 2021  (at least).