Keeping hormones in balance for effective weight loss

So there are three key things that need to be added to your diet to achieve optimal health.

Long term sustained fat loss requires your body to be healthy right down to the cellular level. Without healthy clean cells that are clear of toxins, weight loss is never really sustainable.

Today’s diets are lacking in so many areas, but one of the key areas is trace minerals.

The soil is now so over farmed and products are picked before they are ripe (and kept in cold storage for sometimes up to 18 months!).

The mineral content in foods are therefore massively depleted by the time we consume them – far too depleted if optimum health of the body is to occur.

Trace minerals are the key elements required to nourish the glandular system.

For instance, chromium is required to nourish the pancreas for the correct balance of insulin production. Iodine is needed in the thyroid for correct production of thyroxin, and manganese, potassium and zinc are all essential prerequisites for the sex hormones.

Why is it that infertility occurs so much more today? 

Why is it that so many people have functioning thyroids and are prescribed thyroxin?

Why is it that PMT seems to really affect women so much more these days?

All of these are symptoms that the glandular system is struggling to cope with the lack of raw materials!

So hormones are in flux, metabolism is affected, and fat burning slows.

Add into this sugar cravings because the sex hormones are all over the place and it is a bit of a mess.

Given that we already know insulin causes the storing of sugar as fats, and prevents the production of lipase -the fat burning hormone – and it is no wonder that we are stalling with fat loss.

A study done in 2010 gave 100 overweight women nothing more than a multi vitamin and mineral supplement for 6 months.

Nothing about their diet was changed other than taking a daily multi vitamin. All of the women saw significant falls in body weight and fat levels, and they all experienced a higher resting metabolism. 

They were nourishing their glandular system, giving the cells what was required for optimum health, and all of a sudden their bodies started to work efficiently again, and burnt fat for fuel.

Keep eating your dark fruit and veg, and make sure you have some spinach, brazil nuts and lentils in your diet on a day to day basis.