Behind the scenes

So much to update you on this week!  I’ve been working behind the scenes with the guidance of my mentor Yvonne and tech expert Larch to bring you more of Sam H Pilates online via Fusion and the website.

Both Yvonne and Larch are amazing at what they and it’s always an education when we brain storm. I couldn’t have done as much as I have in growing Sam H Pilates without them.  Our regular  Zoom and WhatsApp calls are always full of laughter, dappy moments (courtesy of yours truly) and super productive.  

Sam H Pilates Podcast

On this Podcast we’re going to be having open discussions about life in 2021.Bringing up children, world events and their impact, as well as conversations about health and wellness, both mental and physical.

Sometimes I’ll bring in guest experts, sometimes I’ll be going solo and sometimes we’ll have a round the table discussion.

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FUSION Elements

As part of your Fusion membership we offer a totally bespoke experience for you. Using Elements you can design your own workout to suit you and your body.

Elements is a brand new Phygital Feature for 2021 which launches on Friday 5th February.  Here we combine the physical world with the digital one.

For example, maybe you’re having treatment with an osteopath or physiotherapist and need additional rehab techniques to help with your recovery. Perhaps you’re having a baby next year and are looking for pre and post natal workouts. Or you may just want to enhance or strengthen your problem areas like bingo wings or shape your bottom.

Some of you may have tennis or golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis, text neck or general stresses and strains especially on key areas like lower back, knees and hips.

Elements gives you a mix n match approach where you choose your warm up and cool down, the elements you need for your main workout, plus add on’s like flexibility and meditation.

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Sam H Pilates Vlog

That’s right, I’m working on a video blog!

I’ve thought about it for a long time and decided to go for it.  It’s still in the planning stages so I’ll let you know when you can tune in for unfiltered conversations about being a busy mum and how we are juggling all aspects of life.

Stay safe