Studio class update

Last week sent a message to our WhatsApp groups asking who would like to join me for some face to face classes in the studio from September.  
I had a brilliant and very mixed response and I’d like to thank you for your feedback.

My plan from September is to offer some studio classes. However, these will be limited and be subject to new guidelines for us to follow.  Have no fear though as there will still be the same amount of ‘Sam’ crazy!

I will continue to offer Zoom classes alongside studio classes and these will continue for the foreseeable future.  

My aim is to be able to offer something for everyone as we’re all going to be feeling very differently about how things will be as we move forward into our new normal and personal situation’s will also be a very important factor.

Full details will be sent out to you no later than 15th August.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about returning to the studio.

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    • Sam Hobbs says:

      Thanks for your comment about senior Pilates. All my classes are mixed ability and are currently via Zoom. I’ll be adding studio classes from September. When we get back in full swing for our classes, Friday morning at 10.45 would be ideal for you. There is always the option for a 121 with me which can be done either face to face or via Zoom.