What an amazing response

A few weeks ago I announced the planned return to our cosy little studio – 121 Pilates from 12th April and classes from 17th May – the response and delight was overwhelming!

121 Pilates

There are now just four appointments available for April – Friday 23rd at 1130 and 1200 and Friday 30th April at 1130 and 1200. 

If you’d like to book one of these slots, please let me know ASAP.

Studio Unlimited 

Limited spaces are available on the following classes:

Tuesday 18th May & 25th May at 10am

Wednesday 19th May & 26th May at 7.15pm

Thursday 20th May & 27th May at 6pm

Friday 21st & 28th May at 10.45am

Studio Unlimited is usually £40 per month for unlimited classes.  As we only have two weeks in May, the same unlimited classes applies (subject to availability) but at £20. 

Please drop me a message if you would like to book any of the above classes – sooner rather than later!

There will be the option to book one off classes at £10 per class if there are any vacancies.  I will release spaces on the last day of the month for the following month i.e. 30th May for June. 

One off bookings for May will be available from Monday 17th May. 
Please note that one off classes are payable at time of booking and no refund will be given for missed classes.

Zoom Room

Our Zoom Room will continue as normal – £30 per month for unlimited classes – the only small change is that our Thursday evening class will be at the slightly earlier time of 7.15pm (from 20th May).

Tuesday 12.30pm

Wednesday 6pm

Thursday 7.15pm

Friday 9.30am

If the Zoom Room sounds like your option – reply to this email and I can  add you to our Zoom Room group.

Question for you…

Is there something you would like to see added to the Sam H Pilates timetable? 

Would you like more information included in our Fab Friday newsletter? 

If so, what?

Answers on a postcard……….

Have a lovely weekend