Toxic Overload

We are constantly exposed to a wide array of toxins, chemicals and pollutants. Some are made by our own body as metabolic wastes, but many are external toxins from the surrounding environment.

Every day our bodies are bombarded by a cocktail of toxins from food, water, air pollutants, pesticides, medicines, drugs used in livestock and chemicals in household products. A poor diet, junk food and food additives all add to the burden.

Our bodies are designed to naturally metabolise and expel unwanted elements, but the bodies ability to cope with these challenges can diminish with the ever-increasing overload of toxins.

Toxins can recirculate in the body if the eliminatory functions are not working effectively, and fat soluble toxins can be stored in the body for many years, creating a toxic environment in the body, providing an ideal habitat for bad bacteria.

Each day the body works to expel as many toxins as possible through the liver, kidneys, skin and the respiratory and intestinal systems. Toxins that are not eliminated will be stored in the body, often in fatty tissue. Toxic overload can contribute to a lowered immune system and a lack of energy and vitality. It can have an effect on the skin, digestion, hormones and may lead to weight gain and an increased risk of other health issues.

Regular use of a nutritional whole body cleanse can help lighten this load, helping to support a healthy system that can provide energy and vitality, normal immune function and skin tone.