How to enjoy your food and stay healthy

The key thing to understand is that you should never be ‘going on a diet’. The correct definition of the word diet is; your current eating plan at that moment in time. Whether or not it is good or bad, it is still your diet.

To lose weight and maintain the weight loss you need change your habits and make a lifestyle change.

When we have been practicing a healthy diet and been doing so well, the thought of going out for a meal may be a little scary with all the temptations in front of you and seeing your fellow dinners chomping their way through a second dessert laden with extra thick double cream. 

So, when you do go out for a meal with friends and family, there is no need to panic or dread the thought of sitting there munching on a lettuce leaf.

This also applies to Christmas temptation!!

10 Top Tips when eating out

Drink water with a slice of lemon instead of fizzy / alcohol

Avoid picking at the nibbles before the meal

Opt for protein based starter e.g. cold meat and salad

Grilled meat / fish & steamed vegetables

Replace potato / chips with extra salad or sweet potato

Use vinaigrette based dressings

Avoid cheese based meals

Choose wheat free options where possible

Fruit salad for dessert

Green or fruit tea after dinner

Remember to enjoy your meal and don’t give yourself a hard time if you have a little gravy with your chicken or a splash of cream on your fruit.

Eating out should be a treat that you really enjoy and appreciate your food. The trick is not to make a habit of eating the ‘naughty but nice’ option and stick with the 80/20 rule.