121 Pilates is returning

I’ve some really great news for you today. 

From August I will be able to offer 121 sessions in the studio as well as via Zoom.

I’m busy working on the logistics and new Covid 19 regulations and will have full details ready for you next week.  

A 121 is a bespoke coaching session where we work on exactly what you need.  

That could be Positivity, Mindset, Nutrition and of course those all important Pilates moves to keep you flexible and stop you from stiffening up or suffering from aches and pains.Plus, it’s a good excuse to escape reality for a short time and dive into some serenity and peace. 

If you would like a 121 coaching session, email samhpilates@googlemail.com and we can arrange a time and method to suit you.

August Zoom classes will continue in August and the new timetable will be sent to you via WhatsApp early next week.  I’ll also attach a copy to the Fab Friday newsletter.

Tonight is our Pilates Quiz Night and can’t wait to see you there for an evening of giggles!

Have a lovely weekend