Promises to yourself

Can you believe we’re HERE again. We held our last studio class on Wednesday last week and on Thursday we were all back online working out.

Lockdown Two feels very different to Lockdown One and you’ve already learnt a lot first time around about what’s good for you and what isn’t. Remember all those promises you made to yourself?

First time around we probably all snacked a little too much, we were cooped up in the house a lot more and baked until the cows came home.

This time around, we’re probably not making as many scones, and we can get out and about for longer than an hour. The other brilliant thing is that many of you have been using technology to keep in touch with family or to do your workouts and so joining an online program doesn’t fill you with fear anymore; you’ve seen how easy it is.

FUSION is my Pilates On Demand Program designed with you in mind.

You log onto my Members’ area on my website and the library of video workouts are there waiting for you.

You also get:-

Two BRAND NEW workouts weekly

A Fusion Blog

Music Library


The classes are all mixed ability and so are suitable for you whatever level you’re at.

The classes are done in the safety of your own home, at a time to suit you. Why not get the whole family involved?

Sign up before 31st December andyou can join FUSION for half price at just £20/month.  (Normal price of £40 from 1st January 2021).  Sign up here

Orlaith O’Neil says:

Fusion is a Game changer

“With current restrictions I’ve really missed our studio classes but (Fusion) Pilates on Demand is brilliant. Workouts you can fit around your day and your own needs and it feels like Sam is right beside you guiding you. Highly recommended.”

Amanda Barker (Osteopath at Carl Todd Clinics) says:

“Good bite sized workouts with the flexibility to do them when I want which is great now I’m continuing to work.”

Let’s help you keep fit and flexible over the next month and the sessions can also help with your mental health, sticking to a routine, looking after yourself and of course our meditations.

Hope to see you on the mat (online)