September Zoom

September is an exciting time of the year, a fresh start, a clean slate, time to re-focus our attention on our goals.

What do you want to get from your Pilates training?

Maybe you want:-

  • To feel better
  • Less stress in your life
  • Improved immunity
  • Less pain and niggles
  • To change your shape
  • Time out for yourself
  • Be part of a growing online community

I’m really excited about our new classes. We’re changing things up for the new season. We have 3 sessions every week.

  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Pure Core
  • Pilates Combo – with added strength training

This ‘new normal’ that we’ve been living has had some amazing benefits for lots of you. You’ve told me that you love having a timetable to stick to. It keeps you sane and accountable. You look forward to your sessions in your diary. Plus you don’t have to drive anywhere.

Also you’ve noticed lots of changes going on. If you only had time to do one session per week in the past and now you’ve been doing more you’ve probably seen your body change shape and tone up.

It’s also been great seeing everyone in our community, having a giggle, working out and being there for each other. 

If you are loving your sessions and want to continue zooming with me then please make your payment on or before September 1st using the same account as always. Any problems just get in touch.

I look forward to seeing you in the zoom room for more fun as we head into the Autumn season.