Smashed my target!

I would like to say the biggest thank you to everyone who donated to my Just Giving Page in aid of the British Heart Foundation.  

Together we raised a MASSIVE £748!!  

Overwhelmed is an understatement.  My target was £120!

Online Classes

Already two weeks into our live Pilates workouts and I’m really pleased that so many of you have been joining me and the messages of support I’ve received have been very touching and much appreciated.  

If you would like to, please could you leave a review for me on my Sam H Pilates Facebook page or send me one via WhatsApp about our online live classes.

Our class timetable for next week is:

  • Tuesday 7th April          9:30 am      Strength
  • Wednesday 8th April    8:00 pm       Mobility & Flexibility
  • Thursday 9th April        12:30 pm     Pure Core

Pilates Easter Parade  Good Friday 10th April  09:30 am 

We can still enjoy some Easter fun with our annual Easter Parade – we’ll just do it from home!  Get creative and turn up to class in your Easter Bonnet or bunny ears.  Chocolate will be ready and waiting for you when we can return to the studio for our regular weekly classes.  


So much has been happening behind the scenes with Sam H Pilates this last fortnight including a new and very much improved website made for me by my very good friend Larch Gauld (  Larch has done an amazing job and I can’t thank her enough was what she has designed and produced.  


I also now have a Podcast which is available on Spotify.  I’ve been busy recording content which I will continue to update weekly Sam H Pilates Podcast  

Practising mindfulness meditation can be an effective way to manage feelings of stress and anxiety, this meditation technique can help you slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body.

Coping With What You Can’t Control

Feel what you’re feeling. Give yourself the space and permission to feel whatever emotions arise. 

Take deep breaths. 
Don’t fixate on reasons. 
Create a jar of gratitude. 
Move your body. 
Turn to trustworthy people. 
Remind yourself it’s not permanent.  

You can tune into my Podcast on Spotify where I talk about this in more detail.

Sam H Pilates Podcast

Have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing live from my living room next week!

Stay safe and well