Menopause matters

After speaking about the menopause last week, I was in conversation with some girlfriends about this very subject just a few days go and there was one common fact we all shared.

The Menopause

Firstly I will set the scene for you.

  • Our ages range from 40-44.
  • We’ve noticed changes in our bodies and seen a shift in our cycles.
  • The hormones aren’t playing fair.
  • Intuition tells us something is going on.
  • However, respective medical professionals (initially) had the same response.  ‘It can’t possibly be the menopause, you’re too young.’  

We could have all just accepted this as an answer to what we were feeling, after all, they are the experts. But, none of us did. We listened to our gut feelings and challenged the answer.  With respect and sensitivity, I can say that we were right to push the issue and not be brushed off because we didn’t fit the correct age bracket.

My point to all this is, listen to your gut.  

You know your body and everyone is different.  We are not all going to fit neatly into a little tick box as to what should or shouldn’t be happening at any particular time in our lives.

If you get that feeling that something isn’t right, pay attention, keep a diary of changes and make a doctor’s appointment.  

When you know what you are dealing with you will then know how to deal with it.


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John Rope – Simple Nutrition

As promised, this week’s main article is an introduction to our very own John Rope (Friday 10:45) and his Simple Nutrition Series.

He has written six books which uncover the truth about our eating habits, diets and the psychology involved.  I’ve now read the first in the series and have started the second. 

A brilliant, straight-talking and informative read.  Highly recommended.