A helping hand

Last week I made a request for your help to spread the Pilates word by leaving a review on your experience of Sam H Pilates.

I am now saying a big thank you to those who did.  They were so honest, helpful and touching.  I very much appreciate it and will continue to provide the level of service, workouts and challenges as I do now and more.
We are now halfway through the current course and you will have noticed a few sneaky changes creeping in!  They have been met with surprise yet great achievement.

Priority enrolment for courses after half term will start from Monday 3rd February.  Full details will be in next weeks newsletter.

Our half-term special workout will be on Thursday 20th February, from 7-8pm and the theme is the Roaring 20’s.  More details to follow………

The main article this week is one I’ve shared before and my reason for sharing it again is because so many of us within Sam H Pilates are either approaching, going through or have come out of the other side of what is known as the menopause, myself included.

The men amongst us are of course excused.

Going through the menopause can be quite an ordeal for some whilst others will sail through with no problems.  Either way, it’s a life-changing time and there just doesn’t seem to be the awareness and support available that many women need.

It’s not a taboo subject, every woman goes through it and we should feel we have the freedom to talk about it and share our feelings so that we can help and support each other.

Today is the first step to doing that.  

If you have any tips and advice that you’d like to share or have questions you’d like answers to, drop me an email or What’s App and lets help womankind deal with the inevitable with grace and dignity and without the hormonal outbursts that will have others running for cover!

All conversations and messages will, of course, be treated with sensitivity and confidence.

Next week I’ll be introducing our very own John Rope (Friday 10:45) and his publications on Amazon where he talks about the psychology and science behind diets and why they don’t work.