Singing on stage

Priority enrollment for courses starting the week beginning 24th February for six weeks, opened on Monday and details were sent to you via What’s App. 

To guarantee your space on the next course you will need to book by Friday 14th February.

Please note that if you attend a Thursday evening class you will only pay for five sessions as there are no classes on the 19th March as I shall be watching Livvy sing at the Wyvern.  

And yes, she sings much better than I do!

Have no fear though as Thursday classes will have a longer course after Easter – you don’t get off that easily!!

Our half term special workout will be on Thursday 20th February, from 7-8pm and the theme is the Roaring 20’s. The required attire for the evening will be feathers and pearls.  I will be sharing the 20/20 workout focusing on strength, flexibility and relaxation. 

Out of the 14 available spaces, only seven remain.  Let me know ASAP if you’d like to join me.  Spaces are  £10 each.

If you cast your mind back to last weeks newsletter, you’ll remember that I spoke to you about our resident author John Hope and his series of Simple Nutrition Books.  They will be available in the studio from today at a discounted price of £5 each.