Live online Pilates

Firstly, I hope you are safe and well and that any anxiety and stress you are feeling is manageable for you.

This is a very testing time for everyone in every way you can think of. 

I have waves of anxiety, moments of tears and then feelings of gratitude. 

There’s no setting the alarm in the morning.  Having extra long snuggle in bed with my little ones.  Having a lazy breakfast before getting stuck into the school work that’s been set.

We’re also doing the 30 day Lego challenge and Livvy and Jay have created some fantastic models.  

I’m also looking at ways to develop Sam H Pilates, working on my new website (watch this space for the launch date) and catching up on admin.

Live Online Pilates

Yesterday morning we had our first online live Pilates class directly from my living room complete with Freddie sleeping on the sofa!

The response was incredible!!  After a few teething issues it went really well.  I have spent some time working on the feedback so fingers crossed!

There’s another class scheduled for today at 10:45.  I will cover the workout we’ve been doing in the mixed-ability classes, which will be suitable for everyone.  Remember – there’s always an option!!

Details have already been sent to our class What’s App groups.  Each live class will have a new link.

I’m planning two live classes for next week. 

Monday will be an evening class 8 – 9pm and will be more flexibility based to get you chilled and relaxed before bedtime.

Then on Wednesday morning at 9:30 I will share another Pure Core workout with you.

Many of you have been offering payment for these sessions.  Please could I ask that you make a voluntary contribution to the British Heart Foundation. 

Even though I have been VERY tempted to pick up the chocolate this week, I have resisted temptation.  I’m not going to get this far and then give in!!  So I’d like to make a final push and see how much we can raise for a very worthy cause, particularly at this time when vulnerability is so much higher for those with underlying health conditions.

To donate, please click on the link for my Just Giving page

A BIG thank you to those who have made a donation, it is so very much appreciated.

I will keep in regular contact via email, What’s App and live classes so we can all get through this challenging time together with love and support.

Stay safe