The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

And as quick as it arrived, half term has come to an end (almost).  Despite the not so pleasant weather I hope you’ve had a good week.  

We had a good night last night with our Roaring 20’s workout which involved lots of strength and flexibility work but then a very nice 20-minute relaxation/meditation.

I had a beautiful present from Charlotte this week – The Boy, the mole, the Fox and the horse by Charlie Mackesy.

We enter the world of Charlie’s four unlikely friends, discover their story and their most important life lessons. The conversations of the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse have been shared thousands of times online, recreated in school art classes, hung on hospital walls and turned into tattoos. A book of hope for uncertain times and a definite read if you like other quotes I share via emails and Instagram.

Our new routines begin today and just to remind you of what you can expect – the Pure Core workout will land with beginners classes, improvers will have fun with the foam roller and our mixed ability classes will be working on non-equipment original Pilates exercises, both standing and lying. 

If I don’t see you in class today for our new workouts, I look forward to sharing them with you next week.