Back on the bike

Tonight we have our third Pilates Quiz Night at 8pm and I’ll be sending out the link after our class this morning.

There’s still time to send me your two questions if you haven’t done so already, as long as I have them by 1pm today.

Back on the bike! 

I’ve now had three sessions back on the bike and it feels great! 

I was a little apprehensive at first as I had a touch of anxiety about falling off, but that soon passed and I got totally immersed in my workout, complete with a homemade sling to rest my arm when it started feeling tired.  

I mastered the art of getting off without getting my right foot stuck in the cleat – I simply undid my shoe and slipped my foot out leaving my shoe still attached to the pedal!

It’s now just over three weeks since I had my tumble and mobility and function are improving daily.  It’s also been a huge help being able to have treatment from Elly at The Carl Todd Clinic.

The sense of achievement is brilliant when you regain the ability to do simple things that you ordinarily take for granted.  I can now get my contact lens in (not a typo, I actually only wear one lens), I’m back to cleaning my teeth with my right hand, tying my laces now works and putting on a sports bra is possible.  

I’m looking forward to when I can scratch my head without having to move my head down to my hand and to comfortably be able to use a knife and fork together rather than as two separate entities!

We are fast approaching the end of June and the current timetable of classes (not entirely sure where June has gone?).  I will continue to run Zoom classes in July.  Details will be sent out via our What’s App groups on Monday.  

Thank you again for the support you have shown over the last few months in keeping our classes going and baring with me whilst my arm heals.  I feel so very grateful.  You are amazing and together we’ll keep smiling and stay fit.