FUSION has launched

Sunday evening saw the launch of my new program FUSION. 

It’s an online membership that gives you Pilates on Demand and will continue to run indefinitely.

It’s been so much fun (and hard work!) putting it together and it was all made possible by my amazing friend and web lady, Larch. 

She’s had so much patience in making sure everything is just as it should be and giving me the push to step out of my comfort zone and go for it. 

Thank you so much.

Wednesday this week marked six weeks since I fell off my bike and fractured my arm. 

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be having treatment from Elly at the Carl Todd Clinic once a week which has made a massive difference in the healing process.  

I’ve seen progress each week with being able to do more day to day and in class.  

It was also great to be able to drive again.  I’ll now be able to think about getting the bike out of the turbo trainer and back on the road – but one step at a time!

I’ve now another six weeks of rehab with Elly to get me back to pre-fracture strength. 

Zoom classes will continue to run through August and I’m keeping everything crossed that we may see a return to the studio in September.  I will of course keep you updated on any news.

If you’d be so kind, I’d be everso grateful if you could send me some feedback on our Zoom classes so I can add them to the reviews on my website to help encourage others to try Pilates.  You can send feedback either via WhatsApp or to samhpilates@googlemail.com

Have a lovely weekend