Behind the camera

The feedback from FUSION has been really positive and I’m so pleased it’s doing everything I hoped it would. Pilates on demand with the flexibility to workout when and where it suits you.

It’s a whole new experience for me to film workouts with just me talking to a camera and it was really bizarre in the beginning. With our Zoom classes you’re there and we can see each other and have a chat before and after class, but the camera has yet to be able to let me know how the exercises feel!!

However, this doesn’t stop me from chatting to the camera and having a conversation with Larch (my genius web lady) that she’ll see when editing is done in preparation for the workouts to be added to the website. We’re thinking of putting an ‘out takes’ section on FUSION. What do you think?

I mentioned last week that your first bonus workout will be with you on Friday 31st July all about using the Swiss Ball. Future bonus workouts so far will include exercises for Plantar Fascitis, using the foam roller and the Fairy ring. If there are any others you’d like me to put together, you can leave your comments below and I’ll get working on them.

Enjoy your latest workouts and I’ll see you again next week.

Happy Fitness Friday!