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Escape Reality

Are you struggling to keep your body moving during lockdown? I’m now offering bespoke 121 coaching sessions where we work on exactly what you need. That could be Positivity, Mindset, Nutrition and of course those all important Pilates moves to keep you flexible and stop you from stiffening up or suffering from aches and pains. […]


This is the single thing lacking in people’s lives.  The ability to focus on one task long enough to complete it.  It is hardly surprising though, with the amount of ‘stuff’ that’s thrown at us everyday. Focus will allow you to complete tasks without interruption from your brain reminding you to do something else or […]

What do YOU want?

Building the new How often have you lamented about what you didn’t want?  Did it ever bring you what you really wanted? Fighting the negative is a total waste of time if you really want to make changes in your life.  The more you dwell on what you don’t want,  the more of it you create.  […]