This is the single thing lacking in people’s lives. The ability to focus on one task long enough to complete it. It is hardly surprising though, with the amount of ‘stuff’ that’s thrown at us everyday.

Focus will allow you to complete tasks without interruption from your brain reminding you to do something else or not to forget the latest faddy diet you saw on the internet. Not only will you complete your tasks, but you will do so in record time.

After just a few weeks of practised ‘focus’, you will feel more confident and capable and be able to quickly see what you need to do to get things done without procrastination.

Like any other muscle in your body, your ‘focus muscle’ can be trained to perform better than it currently does. The ability to focus is a learnable skill.

Here’s how to train your focus muscle

1. Get a sheet of white paper and draw a 1cm wide circle in the middle. Fill it in so you now have a black dot in the middle of your paper

2. Stick the paper to the wall at eye level (ideally somewhere you don’t have to keep taking it down)

3. Sit or stand with your back straight but relaxed and you head up

4. Now, for one minute focus your attention on the balck dot. No thoughts other than the black dot should enter your mind

At first you will no doubt find your mind drifting away and thoughts creeping in. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as this is perfectly natural. Simply coax your attention back to the black dot each time it wonders.

Do this exercise once a day for one minute at a time and build up to two minutes, then three minutes and so on. When you are able to focus on nothing but the black dot for up to 10 minutes, you are officially the master of focus.

After a few weeks of doing this daily exercise, you will be able to focus more clearly, find solutions to problems easily and complete tasks in half the time.