Some of my pilates students have been kind enough to leave me review, a selection of them are below:

After camping and cycling on Dartmoor I thought I’d be feeling it today. But no. A few areas of tightness and aching but nothing that wouldn’t be there after 5 hours in the saddle. Without doubt your Pilates classes have made a huge difference. Both in terms of building my core generally but also the glutes which has made such a difference to my cycling. And my recovery time from strenuous activity has also improved. Huge thank you for that and the fun you bring to the classes. Brian

Sam’s Pilates classes have been a game changer! The classes are motivating, fun and offer a level of ability for everyone. With current restrictions, I’ve really missed our studio classes, but Pilates On Demand (FUSION) is brilliant: workouts you can fit around your day and your own needs and it feels like Sam is right beside you guiding you. Highly recommended!
Orlaith O’Neil

I have been having 1:2:1 sessions with Sam on Zoom since a few weeks after Lockdown began.  Two half hour sessions a week has really helped me manage some of my physical problems.  Sam has remained her positive self, (despite having broken her arm) and, as ever, I have been grateful of her through understanding of how the human body works – and mine in particular!

I really enjoy the Zoom classes and thank you so much for putting them together.  It’s great to be able to do more than one class a week and with so many options!  You always make your classes such fun, while explaining and talking us through what we are aiming for and encouraging us to go for a bit more.  I’m so glad I started doing Pilates with you, it has been a huge benefit physically and mentally.
Hilary S

I was recommended to do Pilates rather than have an operation. That was well over a year ago. I am now pain free and it is all thanks to Sam, and her lovely attitude, and her brilliance as a Pilates teacher. Think about one to ones with her before joining a class. You will feel more confident. Doing Zoom classes with Sam during the lockdown meant that I kept OK – mentally and physically. Each class boosted my wellbeing. Wendy H

I joined Sam’s Pilates classes by Zoom during the 2020 lockdown and immediately felt better mentally as well as physically. Sam is a fantastic instructor, whose emphasis on breathing correctly during exercises helped me benefit from understanding the importance of Pilates technique. Whether you want to master core stability, improve flexibility or increase strength Sam’s classes are both effective and enjoyable. I can’t wait to join her again!
Wendy V

Sam helps you feel comfortable whatever your ability. She adapts exercises to an individual but balances that with gently pushing you to achieve more. Sessions are always great fun. Definitely five star.

I have been going to Sam’s classes for over 3 years now and I really don’t know were I would be with out her help. I had a riding accident at a young age and it has caused me to have problems with my back, pelvis and legs, doing these classes have helped me tremendously, Thank you Sam 

I love Sam’s classes, have been going for years. Small friendly classes, enabling Sam to keep a check on our moves, and she always offers options depending on level of ability. I wholeheartedly recommend.

I usually attend Sam’s mixed ability Pilates class, but since the COVID-19 measures, I’ve been doing Sam’s virtual classes via zoom. Not only is Sam a brilliant Pilates instructor, but she’s also a caring and inspirational person. She has been determined to keep us fit and motivated during lockdown and continues to provide inspirational messages and advice via her E-news letters. I practice as an osteopath and have no hesitation in recommending Sam as a coach and Pilates instructor, no matter your level of fitness or ability.

This last week has challenged me mentally. A big part of getting through it had been Sam. The guided meditation earlier in the week was a turning point. I slept that night and woke refreshed invigorated and looking forward. I’m grateful for Sam committing her time to on line classes. Another essential worker! A huge thank you.

All of Sam’s Pilates classes are great, but being able to do them over video links in the current environment has been an absolute life saver- just love Sam’s never waining energy. Thanks so much Sam!

Just done my first 1-2-1 with Sam via video link. It was awesome, just what I needed. Made me work twice as hard as in class, there’s nowhere to hide. Brilliant Sam, thank you.
Wendy A

Last week I had a 1-1 session with Sam over Zoom.
This was fantastic. It was like she was in the room with me.
Sam was able to spot any weakness and correct them for me.
It made me work really well.
It’s certainly helped me get a daily routine together to support me with working from home in these uncertain times.
I would recommend this to everyone. Can’t wait till the next one x

I was advised to take up pilates by my osteopath to help correct postural problems and develop greater core strength, so I joined Sam’s classes. Sam is an inspirational teacher and the exercises are as challenging as you want them to be, whether it is strength, balance or stretching. I know I have made great improvements in all these areas and and she always has alternative movements if you need them. It wasn’t long before friends and family noticed the difference also. I never miss an opportunity to recommend to others the great benefits I have received through pilates and the passion Sam has to help others achieve their goals.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to join Sam’s Pilates class. Pilates has helped me gain strength both in body and mind. My core strength has improved immensely. I used to experience daily lower back and leg pain. Thanks to Sam’s challenging and varied workouts, this is a thing of the past. When I ache nowadays it’s due to a good workout! This is the one exercise class that I actually look forward to!

The best Pilates teacher, always positive and encouraging. Pilates with Sam has changed my life.

I have been attending Sam’s Pilates classes for about 2 years. I started with the belief I would be unable to keep up with the classes due to arthritis in back and knees and maturity. Due to Sam’s amazing enthusiasm and teaching skills, I am able complete the classes with confidence, to swim, cycle and walk up to 7 miles, something I’ve not done for 20 odd years, even horse riding. After completing 3 one to one sessions with Sam I am able to think more positively and achieve so many more goals. I feel so amazed and chuffed that Sam could change my life so much for the better. I feel blessed that Sam is part of my life.

I feel so lucky that it was Sam’s Pilates class that I chose when I decided to try and get fit & improve my flexibility. Sam is inspirational and I have always left every class feeling two foot taller, calm and ready to face the day’s challenges. The classes are fun and friendly and there is no move that Sam cannot adapt to suit every person. Brilliant teacher and fun person to know.

I started Pilates with Sam when I was pregnant with my second child. As I wanted to be able to exercise throughout my pregnancy. Due to Sam’s flexible approach and there always being an alternative option I was able to accommodate my growing bump. So much so that I was in class on the Friday and my son arrived the following Tuesday. My youngest is now eight and I’m still going class knowing that if I need an alternative option there will always be one. Thanks, Sam

Pilates is so flexible for you there is always an alternative option for you to do, also you do not realise the improvements you are making over the weeks and Sam is such a brilliant teacher to encourage you to do that little bit more each week…….. Keep doing the good work Sam!!!

Had my first ever Pilates Class today. And I really enjoyed it. Sam helped me work round the movements I couldn’t do due to my chronic illness. Made me feel very welcome. Thank You.

I love the classes. Sam is so knowledgeable and has alternatives for all the moves depending on what restrictions you may have. She sets new challenges each term and each lesson brings new versions of moves so it’s never the same. Really friendly and inclusive and fun.

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