Typing left handed


Today’s newsletter comes to you today via left hand typing, so please excuse any typo’s!

Why am I using ‘my option?’

I had a bit of a woopsy while out on my bike on Wednesday and fell off resulting in a fractured right elbow and some amazing bruises.

I was waiting at traffic lights to cross over as I was on the cycle path, un-hooked my left foot and then as I tried to unhook my right, my cleat got stuck and over I went.  The helpless, slow motion moment when there’s nothing you can do but fall.

It’s now in a sling and feeling rather painful, but it could have been a lot worse so i’m thankful for that.  

I’ll be back with you on Monday for the start of our June timetable, I will be practising my own words and finding an option!  At the very least, I’m working towards being ambidextrous.

Enjoy the sun and look after yourself