Who knew that working out online would become a ‘thing’?

The Sam H Pilates FUSION is my online program that we started nearly two years ago and I have to say it’s absolutely rocking. You love not having to travel, not having to go out in the dark and working out at a time to suit you (sometimes in your PJ’s before bed).

It’s been designed to help you get focused on your health regime and stick to a routine and start creating healthy habits – it’s really working, many of you who joined at the beginning are still going strong today.

Some people have told me that during the last two years, they’ve found it difficult to maintain their health and wellness and to find time for themselves with all the changes we’ve had to contend with. Whether that’s working from home, or other people being in the house during the day.

We all know what a struggle it is to maintain our mental health during difficult times, some of us have put on weight and stress levels have gone through the roof.

FUSION gives you a safe space to get clarity and control over your life.

It’s an awesome community where we come together, support each other and work out in our own time.

It includes two weekly video workouts, music suggestions, and a monthly meditation that meets us where we’re at. Our community also has a very active WhatsApp group where we support each other, have a chat, and keep up to speed with updates. You even get to request a playlist. You might be working out alone but you are part of a bigger community.

If you would like to be part of this growing community and head towards Spring, click the link below and start your journey to mind and body harmony.


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